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Watching Over Me

A Steamy Contemporary Romance

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Scarlet Redford is one of the luckiest dancers in the world; she's been accepted into the professional training program for United Dance Company, the premier dance company in the country. Sleepless nights, endless practices, and countless in class performances are all she's known for the past three months. However, competition is stiff. Each day that passes makes it abundantly clear she's not quite up to par. 

With the teachers snapping at her heels and the threat of losing her spot in the company looming over her head, Scarlet attempts to perfect what has become her greatest down fall-the dances that she used to love. Just when she's ready to give up, a mysterious stranger comes to her aid, promising help she can find nowhere else. He has only one stipulation . . . she can never know who he is. With the heat of his eyes burning into her everywhere she goes, Scarlet finds herself in need of making a decision. Will she risk the unknown? Can she dance with the devil?


Kamery   Solomon

Epic Adventures for Romantic Hearts

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