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Check out Shot Through Time

A Romantic Time Travel Adventure set in the Wild West!

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Dante Hernandez is sure of only three things: he didn't deserve to go to prison, his gang mates want him dead, and if the cops find him, he can kiss his chance at freedom goodbye.

Beaten within an inch of his life and desperate to clear his name, he does the only thing that makes sense. He steals a newly invented time machine, accidentally slinging himself into the Wild American West. When Dante meets Abagail Baker, though, he realizes there is more at stake than his own survival. History can be cruel, and a terrible destiny awaits the woman who seems to see right through his lies.


Caught between his old life and the possibility of the new, glittering one before him, Dante has only two options. Will he return to his own century and clear his name, or will he risk changing the future by staying in the past?


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Epic Adventures for Romantic Hearts

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