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Check out What Happens In Vegas

A Contemporary Romance Novella releasing January 26, 2021!


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They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If only that were true!

After a drunken night of fun, Sadie Miller wakes up to discover she’s done something bad; she’s married a complete stranger! Even worse, that stranger turns out to be Prince Alexander of Onillia, the most eligible bachelor in the world.

Forced to return to Onillia with him and sort things out, Sadie quickly finds herself wrapped up in a situation that involves more than just soiled sheets. As she deals with the consequences of her actions, her feelings begin to slip in another direction—right into the arms of handsome royal security guard, John Midden. Will she learn to love the crown, or has the guard already stolen her heart?

What Happens in Vegas will be available FREE to subscribers of the Kamery Solomon Books Mailing List. It will also be available for purchase through your favorite book retailer.

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Kamery   Solomon

Epic Adventures for Romantic Hearts

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