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Looking for your next free story?? Here's why you should check out Spotify (Yes, that Spotify)!

Do you love reading? Listening to audiobooks? How about podcasts? If your answer to that last one was no, allow me to change your mind!


Along with their awesome music selection, Spotify streams a HUGE number of podcasts. Among that number are a few gems--story podcasts!

Story podcasts are different from audiobooks. They have a cast of characters voiced by different performers, soundtracks, and sound effects to really PULL you into the world you are listening to. If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, you can stream every episode without any ad interruptions! If you don't, you can still stream the story, but you'll have to take an ad break here and there.

So far, I've DEVOURED two story podcasts, both of which I HIGHLY recommend.

The Two Princes is an LGBTQ story that follows Rupert and Amir, princes of two respective countries. Season Three has just released and I cannot wait to gobble it up! Not only is the story cute, but it has adventure and fantasy mixed in, as well as a wonderful cast. If you only listen to one story podcast, let it be this one!

The Phenomenon is a juicy, sci-fi epic that kept me on my toes! I sincerely hope there will be another season, as I was a bit thrown off by the ending it currently has. I blew threw this story so fast that it made my Spotify 2020 Wrapped Up list as my most binged listening of the year 😂


Spotify has story podcasts that cover everything from fairytales to horror. You can find them under the Podcasts tab, usually under the stories section. Happy listening!

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