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Our Leading Lady: Sadie Miller is your everyday girl who finds herself in a once in a lifetime mess

You've met Prince Alexander. You've met John Midden. The time has finally come for you to meet the main character of What Happens in Vegas--Sadie Miller.


Sadie has gone through her own array of character changes and updates through the years as I worked on What Happens in Vegas in my mind and on paper. Ultimately, she is what I imagine a modern, smart woman to be. She is strong, willing to stand up for herself, and able to admit when she's made a mistake. She has a heart of gold--a heart that is currently being torn in two different directions. Buuut.... we'll talk more about that later! For now, you'll have to be content with just a few fun facts ☺

Full Name: Sadie Marie Miller

Sadie's name was another one that just came to me. I didn't look up meaning or think too much about it. She was just simply "Sadie" in my mind. The only "fun" thing about it is her middle name, which is a family name from both my and my husband's side of the family. Together, our immediate families have five people with that middle name.

Age: 28

Sadie is my age! Or at least she will be until April, when I turn 30 😂 As I've said before, I enjoy writing characters that are either my same age or close to it. I feel like I understand them better.

Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher

Sadie has a love for education and English Literature. She never doubted her decision to become a teacher and absolutely adores helping to shape the minds of future generations to be able to think and learn for themselves. One of her favorite parts of being a teacher is watching her students begin to form into the people they will one day be. However, her drunken night has landed her in some hot water. Will she remain a teacher, or will the wedding bells decree she be a princess forever? You'll have to wait to see!

Favorite Color: Yellow

Sadie associates yellow with happiness. She loves the summer sun! It also reminds her of beach houses and relaxation, not to mention sunflowers and wildflowers. If she were to paint a picture of her favorite place in the world, it would most definitely have a lot of yellow in it.


If you are a member of the Kamery Solomon Books Mailing List, you will be getting a copy of What Happens in Vegas for FREE. If you are not a member and would like to join to receive your copy, please do so here! Otherwise, you may purchase a copy for 99¢ from your favorite ebook retailer on or after January 26th.

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