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Introducing His Royal Highness: Have you met this main character?

#ICYMI: I have a new short story headed your way on the 26th! What Happens in Vegas is a contemporary romance that I'll be sending to my mailing list for FREE. If you'd rather not join the mailing list, you'll be able to buy the story for 99¢ from your favorite ebook retailer.

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Today, I'd like to introduce you to one of the main players in What Happens in Vegas: Prince Alexander. Let's get to it!

I couldn't tell you when I first had the idea for this story (it was some years ago), but I immediately knew that there was a prince involved in the story. He's come through a few changes along the way, but I couldn't be happier with the man he's become. In preparation for his imminent release, here are a few fun facts about him!

Full name: Alexander Tobias Francisco Kenton

Alex's name comes from a few different places.

His first name, Alexander, is just because I like that name and thought it sounded princely.

Tobias comes from Tobias Menzies, who plays Black Jack Randall/Frank Randall in Outlander. I don't know why I keep naming or basing characters off him--I abhor Black Jack--but I admire his acting ability SO MUCH, you guys. So, the prince gets to carry his name, and so does his father! The King's middle name is also Tobias.

Francisco is the middle name of one of my best friends. It always seems to me like royals have super long names, so I decided to give Alex two middle names. Naturally, I had to name him after a friend ☺

Finally, Kenton was another name I picked because I thought it had a royal ring to it. I can't even remember where I was looking that I found it, when I found it, or what made me decide that was the one, haha!

Age: 30

I've discovered as I get older that my characters do as well, haha! My books have always been a reflection of me and what I value/think. I've grown and changed a lot since I started publishing and I think it's only fair for my characters to make that change with me. So, while I might have younger characters again sometime, I like keeping my contemporary characters closer to my own age, since we technically exist in kind of the same world.

Occupation: Crown Prince of Onillia

As Crown Prince, Alex does a lot of stuff for the crown. He'd been in training to replace his father, and as such makes a lot of trips to see foreign dignitaries. He's been working on the economic state of his country, as well as making strides in various charity organizations in the name of the crown. He is well-liked among his people, a fact he is quite proud of.

Favorite Color: Purple

This is a throwback to history, as purple used to be a color reserved specifically for royalty. It was a very expensive dye to make, and there were also restrictions on who could wear what colors at certain points in time. Blue was another one, if you are interested at all in random history facts like I am.

So there you have it! A little about Prince Alexander. Stay tuned for more characters over the coming weeks as we get closer to release day!


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