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#WritingMind: What the world of Maestro sounds like--Music for writing a paranormal, vampire romance

Do you listen to music when you read or study?

I'm the type of person who likes to have something playing in the background. I'll listen to classical when reading, something upbeat when cleaning, a happy playlist in the shower--you get the idea. Writing is no different!

If you've followed me for a while, you'll know that I create a writing playlist for each project I work on. Today, I'd like to let you into the world of Maestro (Immortals #1) by sharing my Spotify playlist for it. It's always a work in progress, so be sure to follow and check it now and then if you like it.

You'll probably notice there are a lot of classical/classical-sounding songs on this list. This is because one of the main characters--John Wolfe--is based on an actual classical composer from the 1700s. More on that later!

Maestro (Immortals #1) is currently still being written. For more information and to make sure you don't miss any release updates, you can add it to your Goodreads shelf here or follow me on any of my social media platforms.

I'd also love to have you as a friend on Goodreads! Send me a friend request, and let's start sharing awesome books with each other ♥

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