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8 Year Publishing Anniversary: The Road So Far

I published my first story on December 17, 2012. How has it been eight years already?!


My mother, USA Today Bestselling Author Lacey Weatherford, really had to talk me into writing anything. I'd seen how much work it was, how mean readers could be, and the time it took to really make something good. At the time, I was still firmly rooted in my plan to move to New York City and become an actress. Of course, my mom didn't give up, knowing I would catch the bug as soon as I tried it out.

Forever, December 2012

She got me with a short story. I published Forever as part of an anthology, A Midsummer Night's Fling. The bug had me!

Eventually, I released Forever on its own. You can now download it for free from your favorite book retailer. It's hard to believe it's been eight years since I first got started!

The God Chronicles

Next came The God Chronicles. I was still really discovering myself as a writer while working on those stories. I also tried my hand at some contemporary romances between their releases.

The Dreams Cycle

Before I released the last book in The God Chronicles, Exoria, I also began working on The Swept Away Saga.

The Swept Away Saga

As I neared the end of The Swept Away Saga, I began writing The Lost in Time Duet.

The Lost in Time Duet

After, I penned Shot Through Time, another time travel adventure. My paranormal roots were beginning to call to me, though, and my mind turned to gods once again.

Shot Through Time

Branching out into a story venue I'd never tried before, I teamed up with A.R. Walker Art to create The White Rose of Rome, a webtoon focused on Roman gods that is currently being published on the Webtoons and Tapas platforms.

The White Rose of Rome

Here we are, eight years, eighteen books, and one webcomic later. Three are permanently free (Forever, Zeus, Swept Away), two can be read free if you subscribe to my newsletter (Poseidon and Taken Away: A Swept Away Saga Origins Story), and the rest can be bought for $4.99 or less. It truly has been a crazy eight years!.

Already, I have more contemporary stories in the works, another world revolving around gods, a vampire universe, and more time travel.

Coming Soon!

Buckle up, buttercup. You're going to be stuck with me for a while yet!

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