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Go and kick *ss: Live life on your own terms--Resolutions for 2021

It's that time of year again--everyone is asking what your goals for 2021 will be. Some people don't set any, and some people set A LOT. I like to think I land somewhere in the middle of that scale. Last year's resolutions blew up in the fiery dumpster that was 2020. Hopefully, this year will be much better!


This year, I split my goals into five different categories to keep better track of what I was doing and how it correlates to my life. Those categories are:

  1. Physical Health and Mental Wellness

  2. Business and Career

  3. Home

  4. Fun and Recreation

  5. Relationships

Now, I'm not going to bore you with all of my goals (maybe I am on the A LOT side of the spectrum this year....), but I'm happy to share a few!


For Physical Health and Mental Wellness, I really wanted to focus on a feeling this year, versus numbers or intention words (though I still totally picked intention words. Creature of habit.). Most of my goals focus on getting out of the house more and not spending so much time on my computer, writing, or watching TV. Among those goals are:

  1. Be able to do 50 pushups by the end of the year (I can currently do 0. Yes, 0.)

  2. Walk my dog three times a week.

  3. Read 25 books for pleasure (no research or work books allowed to bump up the numbers!)

  4. Plant a garden (I have currently killed every plant I've ever touched, wish me luck)

  5. Learn how to stargaze (something I've always been interested in but never really took the time to learn how to do properly)


Business and Career are always kind of scary goals for me to sit down and make. I don't know what makes me feel like I can or can't do something, but this section of my life is always where I feel the most pressure to not really stretch myself. I've tried to make goals that will help me feel growth and not freak my anxiety out by doing too much at once. Some of those goals are:

  1. Blog three times a week (so far, so good!)

  2. Release two short stories, three novels, and continue working on The White Rose of Rome webtoon I'm currently authoring.

  3. Open a swag store (what kind of swag do y'all like??)


Home is a big part of my life. I work from home, I'm a wife and mother, and most of my time is spent at my house. Making goals for this section was easy. Hopefully, finishing them will be, too 😅 Some of my Home goals are:

  1. Create and maintain a chore chart (my family is a bunch of slobs, me included!)

  2. Establish an emergency savings fund

  3. Buy our first home (*crosses all fingers and toes and hopes to be in a new place by the end of the year*)


Who doesn't want to make goals for more Fun and Recreation in their life?? These are my favorite kinds of goals to make! Some of this year's include:

  1. Visit my family that lives in Oregon at least one time.

  2. Go on an anniversary trip with my husband (2020 ruined our 10th-anniversary plans)

  3. Get my passport (which was also a goal that never happened last year, haha)


And, finally, my Relationships. I included everyone in my life in this section, wanting to grow my connections and nourish them with love and purposeful planning. The people in my life mean so much to me! This year I will:

  1. Go on a date with my husband once a week.

  2. Have a weekly movie night with my kids

  3. Participate in a weekly game night with my friends

  4. Host or attend a once a month movie/anime night with friends.


And that's it! I feel somewhat overwhelmed when I look at all my goals, but I know I can meet them as long as I remain focused and patient with myself. I'm not a "new me," but I'm ready to expand my horizons and grow more into the person I want to be ♥ How about you?

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