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Music and the writing process (for this author, at least!)

*When I sat down and thought about what I wanted to accomplish in 2018, I knew I wanted to post more on my blog. Surprisingly, I've managed to stick to my goals for three months now! Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that's pretty impressive, haha. But, as we come into April, I'm finding that I have no idea what to blog about--which is why I never really did it before.

Let me know in the comments if there's something specific you'd like to read about, be it books or even just my day to day life (my husband has been somewhat of a medical mystery for almost the entire last year, leading up to his recent diagnosis of a tumor on his temporal bone. It's quite the story if anyone wants to read it, haha!).*

So, since I can't really think of anything else to talk about this week, I thought I'd turn to my favorite thing after books--music!

I love music. In fact, I always thought I'd do something in that field, and quite often dreamed of being a Broadway performer. It's no surprise to me that music really helps me tap into writing. I make a different playlist for each book/series and play it loud and proud when I work. When I feel like I need a change in sound, I go to Pandora and listen to stuff like the playlist I've created. As a result, my family has now probably heard every Irish folk song under the sun and could sing the entire soundtrack from all five Pirates of the Caribbean movies in their sleep 🤣

After a few years, I discovered the joy that is Spotify and my playlist building grew exponetially. Currently, I have music saved for books I don't plan to write for another year. Some may think that's a problem, I, however, think it's wonderful 😍

Here's a couple of the playlists I've listened to while at work, some made by me, others not. Either way, I've enjoyed the music and I intend to keep building playlists for the entirety of my writing career!

Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks:

Random music I liked and listen to when I'm doing busy work/need a break:

Anywho, that's all for now. Be sure to check in during April for the Reading Challenge! Our theme is Western Romances and I can't wait to dig in 😊

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