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Spring has sprung and she brought this new pirate book with her!

Buried Away (The Swept Away Saga #5)

is now available for preorder!

Release day is May 29 ♥

The world is nothing like it seems. Eric Ray knows this now, especially as he’s thrust into the inner workings of a secret society. As he rushes to save the woman he’s come to love, Eric realizes that those who are the kindest can often be the most nefarious.

Samantha Greene thought she’d finally managed to let her identity as a time traveler slip away. Now, she is a fisherman’s wife, living on the Irish coast at the turn of the eighteenth century with her new baby, husband, and brother-in-law. Fate waits for no one, though, and she soon finds herself tied up in another adventure with the Templar Knights.

Vowing to never be pulled into the fray like she was before, Sam realizes that they’ve been called upon for a reason. Their villain, Thomas Randall, wants them for something. To discover the truth, she’ll have to set sail with more pirates and travel to a land she’s yet to see. With her family by her side and a hope for a brighter future in her heart, Sam hopes this fight will finally be the end of it all. Will it, though?

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ARCs will be sent out to my Launch Team two weeks before release. You can only sign up for the team if you join my Krew.


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