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Time Travel: What this author would take with her to the past!

#1 Bestselling Time Travel Romance Author Kamery Solomon wants to know: What would you take with you to the past?

I spend a lot of time in the past--working!

As a time travel romance author, a good portion of what I do is research. There's so much to learn about the time periods my stories take place in and I love it all ♥ From pirates to the American Colonies and a few others I'll keep to myself for now, I've probably amassed a small treasure trove of knowledge about my chosen eras. It's the best job ever, haha!

Then I throw my time traveler into the mix. Now, there's a few different theories on how time travel could work, but that's another post for another day. For today's purposes, we'll just say we've traveled back in time. And we've done it on purpose! In fact, we've traveled to 1776, in the midst of the American Revolution.

So, what does a person who knows they're going to the past bring with them? I have a few ideas about what I would like to have with me. There are practical things (the more realistic and expected things) and frivolous things (items I wouldn't actually bring ever, but would be nice to have if there weren't any consequences, haha!)


1. Medicine.

The American Revolution saw a lot of death and disease. While I personally have been vaccinated (and definitely would be before going to the past, if I wasn't already), there were still lots of "yucks" that could wiggle their way in. Beyond things like pain killers and some antibiotics, I would also have to bring my thyroid medicine, or risk turning into an emotional, exhausted, confused, rage monster at any moment LOL (Hypothyroidism: Keeping Kamery from traveling to the past since 2015).

2. Money/A Useful Skill.

Gabriel Scott is a purposeful time traveler in my newest novel, Finding Freedom. He definitely came prepared, too!

You gotta have some way to take care of yourself, no matter where or when you go. This would be harder for me because women didn't really have that many rights during the Revolution. It could be possible that I'm not allowed to go shopping for anything without an escort. However, should I not be able to use money on my own, I think I could get a job either helping in someone's house or on a farm.

Nurses during the Revolution didn't complete the same functions they do in today's society either, so there could be a possibility of working as one, especially with the great need the war has provided. I'd have to be careful around all that sickness, though! There would also be a risk of not getting paid, due to the struggling status of the Continental Army in 1776.

In any situation, I would at least have somewhere to stay and a way to earn my food, which are really the two most important things to me at the moment.

3. Clothes.

I went back on purpose. Better look the part!

4. Knowledge of the period I've traveled to.

Another perk of going back on purpose--you can learn everything you need to! Important dates and locations, people of interest, secrets that have since come to light . . . I could go on and on. It'd be nice to always be prepared for what's coming!


1. I want my phone, haha!

I know it won't text or call or use the internet, but I want it for a different reason. My phone is filled with pictures of my family. I miss them terribly whenever I go anywhere without them. Having a mass of photos I could look at and videos filled with their voices and laughter would lighten my heart so much.

I also have quite the music library on my phone. As someone who wanted to be a Broadway performer before she was a writer, I would definitely appreciate the melodies of home, too!

I also have the Kindle app on my phone. Score one for all the books!

I also assume that I have some way to charge it, since there's not really any point in bringing it for all these reasons if it's just going to die.

2. Good, sturdy, waterproof shoes.

Obviously, I wouldn't be able to wear modern shoes while I was out and about, which is why this is on the frivolous list. But, wouldn't it be nice if you knew your feet would always be warm, dry, and well supported while you were traipsing around the past? I always say you need two things to be truly happy at any given moment--warm feet and a warm butt, haha!

3. Toilet paper.

No leaves or rags I'll have to wash by hand later, thank you. I want good, sturdy TP. Enough said!

4. Feminine hygiene products.

I think this one speaks for itself, too! It's on the frivolous list rather than the practical just because of the disposing of them. There's not really any way to not draw attention to modern products, so I'd have to use the materials of the time period to take care of myself.

What about you? What would you take to the past? Let me know in the comments!

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