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Spend 2018 with your new book boyfriends: Join our Romance Reading Challenge!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I don't really make resolutions or goals at the start of a new year. I do it all the time! I love setting expectations for myself and then working to meet them. It's a very satisfying feeling, knowing that I can do what I want, when I want.

To make a long story short, I don't read enough. I probably finished around 10 books in 2017. What?! I was a reader before I was an author! Why am I not reading anymore? Life is so busy, working as a full time mother, author, wife, and every other little thing I control. Thus, the need for a reading goal arrived.

I invite you to discover with me at least one book a month in a romance sub-genre. Often, I find myself stuck in the same vein of storytelling and I want to shake it up now. I've already started collecting reads (a lot of them were free, too!) and I can't wait to get started! If all goes according to plan, I'll have read at least two more books this year than I did last year, haha!

Comment below if you'll join me in this endeavor and keep an eye on the blog for a list of what stories I'm reading each month!

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