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Come Join My Krew!

Love reading & reviewing? Like finding new authors?

Wanna join a review team/street team?

Kamery Solomon Books is very excited to be working with Love Kissed Book Bargains and growing Kamery's Krew, the new street team for and about Kamery's books!

From Love Kissed Book Bargains:

We have 33 authors of varying genres who would love to find new readers! Why join a team? (Or lots of teams?) There are so many FREE books, advanced notice of sales, giveaways, and new releases. Let's not forget the swag and signed books so many authors give to their team as a reward for the support.

Give it a try!

Join some teams

and be entered to win

$300 in Amazon Gift Cards!

Participating Authors:

A.J. Norris | Adam Rock | Alyson Reynolds | Amanda Roberts | Anna Paige | Anne Renwick | Annie Anderson | Bethany Lopez | Candace Knoebel | Cassie-Ann L. Miller | Cecilia Lane | Chantel Rhondeau | Darcy Delany | Em Petrova | Emmanuelle de Maupassant | Hadley Raydeen | Heather Young-Nichols | Hope Worthington | Jeanne St. James | Kamery Solomon | Kelly Collins | Khardine Gray | Lilliana Rose | Liz Lovelock | Nancee Cain | Samantha Garman | Sheila Kell | Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Tracey Pedersen | Tracy Lorraine | Whitley Cox | Ysa Arcangel

Enter to win!

We hope to see you as part of the Krew soon!

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