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Fall In Love On The High Seas Once More: Pre-Order Your Copy of Hidden Away Today!

Hidden Away (The Swept Away Saga #3) releases on March 26, 2017.

Woohoo! We're three months out (can you tell I'm already counting down the days??), but there's even more awesome news.

You can pre-order your copy today.

I CAN NOT WAIT to share this story with all of you. I love my Sam and Tristan. And Mark. And Abella. And William. And oh my goodness so many other people that I NEED you all to know and love and cuddle and obsess over with me. Okay? Okay.

Hidden Away is available for pre-order at just 99¢, a price which will be going away once release day arrives. Don't miss out on your chance to get super savings!

99¢ Pre-Order Links:


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Scott Williams, determined to solve the mystery that is the Treasure Pit, has very suddenly and unexpectedly discovered that two of his friends have traveled back in time. Not only that, but they've sent him a letter through the three hundred year gap, asking for his help. However, he doesn't exactly agree with what they want him to do.

Mark Bell is still in love with Samantha, a woman more than ten years his junior, a fellow time traveler, and very much not available. It's all he can do to keep from taking her in his arms as he watches her struggle with the demons of her past, wishing that there was anything he could do to ease both of their suffering. Throwing himself into the work of the secret order of The Knights Templar, Mark tries to focus on anything but what his heart is telling him.

Samantha O'Rourke feels like she is drowning, nightmares of being a captive and losing her family plaguing her. Not even the touch of the man she loves most, her husband, Tristan, is soothing the ache they both feel for what they've lost. Hoping to find some sense of their old life, the couple sets out on another mission from the Order, heading toward the legendary city of Atlantis. However, nothing is ever as it seems, and Samantha soon finds herself in a place where friendships will be tested, loyalties questioned, and relationships tried. Will she be able to overcome what's happened to her, or will she fall by the wayside, locked in a prison cell of her own creation?

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