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Teaser Tuesday!

It's time for another Teaser Tuesday! (Let's take a moment to appreciate that I remembered LOL) And what's even better, is today's pick is from my current WIP, Hidden Away (The Swept Away Saga, #3)!

Let's get to it, shall we?

I have no blurb ready for Hidden Away yet, but that should be coming in the near future. In the meantime...

Background: This scene is told from Scott William's point of view. If you've been reading the series, you'll hopefully remember him as one of the treasure hunters working on Oak Isle. Naturally, this scene occurs in modern day. It's actually, currently, the very, very beginning of the book. I hope you enjoy it!


The aching feeling in my knees was always worse when it rained. It wasn’t all that bothersome, to be honest, but with each little water drop that fell from above, it felt as if the muscles and ligaments tightened the tiniest bit, until I would consider maybe taking some pain medicine for it. In the past year or so, my elbows had joined in the fun, giving me a pinching, tingling feeling as the humidity wrapped around my body. My mind would wander at points, wondering what would be next. My feet? Hands? Perhaps my back would hurt and I would stoop over like the old man I was. Whatever was going to happen, one thing was very clear to me.

I was too old for this.

Rain pounded against the tin roof, practically screaming all around me, the lightning flashing brightly through the large sliding glass doors that led out to the deck attached to my tiny home. Watching the storm from my queen-sized bed, I sucked in a deep breath, feeling my eyes widen at the monstrous display of elemental power outside. It was hard not to feel insignificant under the scrutiny of the skies, or to wonder what my part was in this blip of life I had to make my own. At the same time, it was almost impossible to ignore the electricity in the air and the driving force it filled me with.

Suddenly, the magic of the storm was broken by a loud pounding at the door. Jumping slightly, I turned toward the sound in the dark, reaching to pull back my covers. With the power out, I couldn’t see what time it was on my digital clock, but I knew it was at least past ten. Who would be coming over so late?

Stay tuned for more information on a release date, or check out this link to purchase earlier books in the saga, if you haven't started the series yet!

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