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Treasure Awaits Ye; Get Two FREE Books On This Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, Swashbucklers!

Have ye visited yer local Krispy Kreme for yer free treats yet? Changed yer Facebook language to English (Pirate)? How about grabbed up yer FREE copies of Swept Away and Carried Away? No? Well, what are ye waiting for?? It's all completely free!

Download your copy of Swept Away from Amazon by September 21st and it will be absolutely free.

Download your copy from Amazon here.

If ye want to sign the roster and join me Mailing List, ye can get Carried Away for free as well! There's a swell Facebook cover photo for ye too, if ye fancy flyin' our colors for a time.

Join The Mailing List! Now, get out there and show the world who's the boss, savvy? This whole crew believes in ye! Till Next Time, Mates!

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