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The Final Battle For Olympus Starts Now

Happy Release Day!

Exoria (The God Chronicles #5) is finally here! Get your copy today and discover the epic finale to this bestselling series!


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Olympus has never been so close to falling.

With Hades missing from the front lines of battle and Cristos, son of Zeus, banished to Tartarus, the gods are starting to feel that their time has come to an end. Each day, the Titans draw nearer to victory. If they succeed in their quest, every mortal on Earth will perish. However, unbeknownst to either side, they’ve both helped create another being, one set on watching the Titans and Olympians alike fall, even if it means making the world burn in the process.

Cristos, determined to escape his fiery prison, strikes a deal with Hades; he will do anything Hades wants in exchange for his freedom and the chance to go after Avalon, the demi-Titan woman he loves. Of course, Hades only wants one thing—Katrina. For more than twenty years, the Lord of the Dead has been trying to bring back the mortal he fell in love with and lost. With Cristos at his side and a plan in place, the god that always finished last may just be on his way to coming out on top.

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