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World Building: Which Myths Inspired The God Chronicles?

The Ancient Greeks were natural story tellers. The epic sagas they shared have lasted through the years, inspiring many word weavers. And why wouldn't they? The stories that built the foundation of Greece are ones of love, betrayal, power, misery, and so much more. They have everything a good story needs!

I've shared what originally gave me the idea for Zeus. Ironically, it was Thor that made me think of it, and my husband suggested Zeus be the main character of the baby of an idea I had. The thought immediately stuck, and I dove into a world of myths, studying and falling in love with the tales laid out before me.

Poor Thor, he thought he was getting a book and then it was taken away :(

I read about oaths made on the River Styx, the Fates and their twisted sense of aid, banishment, uprisings, wars, and everything between. It seemed that my entire house was covered with notes on what I wanted to use, books sitting around each room with sticky notes peeking out from the pages.

Oh, so good!

However, not everything I read made it into the story, and some of the traditional views were changed to fit the story lines I wanted (a happy perk of being the author; I do what I want! Within reason, of course, LOL). One myth that has always stuck was Zeus's first clash with his father, Kronos. Here's my brief retelling of that story, as it exists in The God Chronicles universe. I hope you enjoy it!

Zeus was not always the lightning wielding, all powerful god that he is today. No, at the beginning of his life, he possessed only his strength and wit, along with the desire to overthrow his father, Kronos. You see, Kronos had swallowed all five of Zeus's older siblings, in an attempt to keep a coup from ever rising against him. However, Zeus's mother, Rhea became angry with her husband for taking her children from her in such a way. When Zeus was born, she spirited him away, giving Kronos a rock swaddled in a blanket in the baby's place, which he swallowed without even looking at.

Over time, Zeus grew into a brave young man. With the teachings of the nymphs and his grandmother, Gaea, his wit became its own force to be contended with. He knew he would need more than strength and brains to take down his father and save his siblings, though.

Under the counsel of his grandmother, Zeus ventured into Tartarus, the prison of the Titans. Armed only with a plain sword, he battled the guards, defeating them in only a few moments. As soon as his victory was certain, he released the Cyclopes from their cells, where Kronos had locked them away, and his father before him.

Thankful for their release and full of hatred for Kronos, the three brothers forged Zeus a lightning bolt, granting him the power to control the element at his own will. Pledging their loyalty, the Cyclopes departed into the world, free beings at last.

Armed with his new power, Zeus went straight to Olympus, challenging Kronos outright. They battled fiercely, until Zeus gained the upper hand and cut his father open. One by one, he pulled his siblings from their father's stomach. Much to his delight, the gods had grown while in their confinement. They were finally reunited and ready to take down the remaining Titans.

Kronos, injured but not dead, was locked in his own prison with his Titan siblings. An eternity of rotting in purgatory awaited the generation that had preceded the Olympians.

At least, the Olympians had believed the Titans would be held forever. History would prove that such a fate would never occur.

I have greatly enjoyed working myths into my writing, as well as crafting my own to help build the world! The last title in The God Chronicles, Exoria, will be releasing soon. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be very sad to see my mythological journey reach its end. There will always be more myths for me to discover though, and more of Ancient Greece for me to fall in love with. I know I'll be very happy discovering it all along the way. Until next time!

<3 Kamery

P.S. I like gifs, so sue me ;-P

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