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Where In The World Is Kamery Solomon?

Hey everyone!

I'm alive! No need to call out search and rescue or send out the dogs--I am indeed, okay, haha! My life has been turned upside down the last couple of months though, and I wanted to keep you in the loop :)

This is me with all my wonderful privateers and some of our mermaids at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Don't we all look so happy! It was an awesome time, and also about when I started to fall off the face of the planet, haha!

Tempe, Arizona

While I was working for the Festival, I applied for a job in Tempe, Arizona. As some of you know, I used to live in the White Mountains of Arizona, which is about a three hour drive from Tempe. Amazingly, I was hired and my family and I have made the move!

But, wait! Am I not going to write anymore? Why did I get a different job? Is everything okay?

Yes, I'm still going to write (more on that further into the post, haha). I got a different job because I was feeling discontented with my life. I needed a change to help myself feel better, so my husband and I decided that I would try going back to work for a while and see how it went. I'm very happy to say that I'm feeling wonderful, I love our new apartment, and my job with PayPal is awesome!

Here's a video ad for PayPal, if you've never heard of them, or would like more information :)

I'm a working girl now, yay!

Who would have thought that I, She Who Is Bad With Numbers, would someday be working for an online payment processor? Not me! Quick disclaimer, though--if you have questions about your PayPal account or anything like that, please call customer service for help :) I can't really help you without looking into your account and I'm not allowed to assist people that I know, haha!

So, as you can imagine, moving and starting a new job has taken up a lot of my time. The training process at PayPal is very long and intensive as well, so that's taken up most everything. The good news is, I only have about three weeks of training left and then I'll be on my regular schedule. This is awesome for a lot of reasons.

  1. I can finally fully adjust to my new lifestyle. Things won't always be up in the air and I'll know what's going on with all of my time.

  2. I'll be able to manage myself a little better and get back to writing.

  3. I'll be able to take time off for any extra things I want/need to do, such as any future signings and things like that.

With all that said, I'd like to answer a few questions that I've been getting from quite a few people, sort of an FAQ, if you will.

Has Exoria released and if not, do you have a release date yet?

No to both questions. I'm currently working on Exoria, which may be getting a new title and cover, slowly but surely. I plan to release it before any other novels and it will be the end of The God Chronicles series. Besides struggling to find the time to write lately, I've also had a difficult time when actually writing, so I don't want to set a date until I'm further into the story and feeling comfortable with the pace I'm at.

When is the next Swept Away book coming out?

Hidden Away is still pretty heavily in the research phase of its creation. However, I plan to release it after Exoria comes out. The plan for The Swept Away Saga is to finish out The God Chronicles and then devote all of my writing to The Swept Away Saga. There will be no other novels released outside of that series until it's finished. At least, that's my plan right now, haha! I will share a tiny spoiler-ish tidbit with you about The Swept Away Saga--I'm hoping for eight books in the series. It's a number that I've known from the beginning and is symbolic to the series. If all goes well and as planned, that would mean my next six books after Exoria would all be from The Swept Away Saga. I hope I'm explaining that well enough, haha!

If you ordered books from me, or are waiting on a prize you won, yes, I still have them. It's been AGES since you ordered them, and I apologize profusely for still having them. I should be shipping them all of shortly and will be including a little something extra for you as well. Thank you for your patience!

In closing, I would just like to thank all of you for sticking with me. It's been a crazy ride the past three months, and I haven't been around as much to share what all is going on. I really appreciate your continued support. I wouldn't be anywhere without you, as cliche as that sounds! It's completely true, though. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

<3 Always,


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