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Discover The Treasure Of Carried Away In This New Teaser!

Carried Away releases on February 7th--that's five days from today!

Here's a look into the treasure we're after this time. Are ye ready pirates??


"Ye’ve heard of Christopher Columbus?”

I almost snorted. Of course I’d heard of the man who “discovered” the new world. There must have been something in my expression that confirmed my knowledge, because he smiled, continuing on.

“He was a Black Knight. He and his followers never found the treasure, though, probably because of the extreme force they showed the natives.”

“Cortez is the next Knight we know of,” Lomas said, appearing to think it over. “He thought the treasure was with the Aztecs, which we now also believe to be true, but it was gone when he tried to take it.”

“Why the Aztecs?” I asked, fascinated. These were stories I’d heard growing up. In fact, Cortez, himself, reportedly named the mountains just outside my hometown. He called them the Superstitions, after many of his men mysteriously died while traveling through the range. They were looking for a city of gold, but all they found was grief.

“We’ve uncovered some documentation that suggests the Knights who first arrived with the treasure became sick, or were already sick, when they made landfall. They were friendly with the natives, but none of them survived whatever it was they’d caught.” Bevard sighed, shaking his head. “We can only assume that the treasure was then overtaken by the native people. They would have recognized its importance.”

“Didn’t Spain tear South America apart looking for gold, though?” I could feel it, the same kind of excitement that had overtaken me when I was studying the Treasure Pit with Dad. I wanted to know what had happened. I needed the pieces to the puzzle. It was as if he were standing there with me, drinking in all the information we could as the Knights told me what they knew.


Carried Away (The Swept Away Saga, Book Two) releases this Sunday, February 7th!

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