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The Queens of Romance Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now!

This festive time of year, when we gather with family and friends to give thanks, also comes with a lot of holiday fun . . . like food, football, and FANTASTIC SALES!

This year, The Queens of Romance would like to give thanks to all the readers who have supported them over the years. So from Bestselling Authors, Belinda Boring, Kamery Solomon, and Lacey Weatherford, here are this year's Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales. Don't miss the chance to score a LOT of books!! You can potentially get ALL TWENTY-FOUR BOOKS in this ad for a mere $6.00 (*if you're a subscriber to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited Program). But anyway you spin it, here's the chance for you to snatch up some GREAT READS!

Links to ALL retailers posted at the bottom of the page!

Available for FREE across all retailers!

(Paranormal Romance)

The Mystic Wolves, (Mystic Wolves, book 1)

Enchanted Hearts

The Trouble with Spells (Of Witches and Warlocks)


Zeus (The God Chronicles, book 1)

(Contemporary Romance)

Crush (Crush, book 1)

Chasing Nikki (Chase Walker, book 1)

Read for FREE on Amazon's KINDLE UNLIMITED

(Paranormal Romance)

Angel Kissed (The Story of Us, book 1)

Fire & Ice (Book of Shadows, book 1)

Coven (Of Witches and Demons, book 1)

Swept Away (Swept Away, book 1)

Broken Promises (Brianna Lane, book 1)

(Contemporary Romance)

Taking Chances (A Dreams Novel, stand alone)

Watching Over Me ( A Dreams Novel, stand alone)

Bittersweet Melody (Damaged Souls, book 1)

Loving Liberty

The Secret (A Fringe Novel)

Mr. Hollywood (A Celebrity Novel)

Get ADDITIONAL books in some series for only .99¢!!!


Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, book 2)

Testing Fate (Mystic Wolves, book 3)

The Demon Kiss (Of Witches and Warlocks, book 2)

Poseidon (The God Chronicles, book 2)


Finding Chase (Chase Walker, book 2)

Smitten (Crush, book 2)

As always, thank you for the support! We have a lot of fun things coming up soon, so stay tuned for more AWESOMENESS!

Happy Thanksgiving from us all!


Bels, Kam, & Lacey

Belinda Boring Bookstore Links:

Kamery Solomon Bookstore Links:

Lacey Weatherford Bookstore Links:

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