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Swept Away Teaser


Who says Monday has to be terrible? Here's a teaser from Swept Away to brighten your day! ********** “When my da was alive, I asked him how I would know if I’d met the right woman, like he did with my ma. They were the perfect pair, the two of them. I’ve always wanted that, but didn’t ever think I would find it or could even have it.” He spun to look at me then, a hard edge to his expression. “I have secrets, lass. Ones I can not share with anyone, for all our safety.” He bit his lip, hesitating to go on, but the decision had already been made. “He told me that I would feel it when I met her, that I would just know. And I believed him. There have been times when I thought I felt what he was talking about, but now I know for sure I have.” “Really?” I felt breathless and afraid, like I couldn’t stand on my own two feet while he spoke like this, and at the same time like I knew what he was talking about. “I saw ye there, on the beach, those men all around ye, and it was like—like my soul had been screaming out in agony my entire life and I never knew it until I looked at ye. Because it stopped the second I saw ye.” Swallowing hard, he inched toward me, hesitation in his eyes. “I knew I had to help ye, to keep ye safe, because ye were different. Special. Do ye understand my meaning?” Did I? Was love at first sight something I believed in? Could I believe that he loved me and knew so little about me? “It’s not just that,” he continued when I didn’t answer. “It was watching ye brave the captain every day. Hearing ye tell me what ye thought instead of keeping it to yerself. Watching ye leave and thinking I’d never see ye again—god, it felt like I was dying—and then finding ye at the end of my pistol. Yer so brave, Samantha! Ye’ve been living among scallywags and murderers for weeks now and never even blinked! I watch ye with them and live in terror of the day they discover yer a woman, because I’ll kill them all if they lay a finger on ye. And then, I bring ye home to meet my family and ye fit right in, making them laugh and fall in love with ye in minutes. How do ye do it? How do ye make me feel like this if ye aren’t a witch or a sea woman sent to drive me insane? I feel crazy and out of my mind, but the whole time my soul says I am at peace. I have found the one who completes me.” ********** Get your copy of this multi-international bestseller and fall in love today! **Purchase Links** Amazon: Apple iBooks: Barnes and Noble: Kobo: Smashwords: Already bought your copy? Please feel free to leave a review on the product page!

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