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My Real Life Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone is feeling the love today-single, taken, or waiting for a Greek god to come sweep you off your feet!


As it would happen, Valentine's Day is my half anniversary. I know, I know, that's a weird thing to know and remember. I get a break though, because it's a holiday, haha! I also remember the date of my first date with my husband, because it was also a holiday-the Fourth of July. I LOVE our love story and want to share it with you!

Flash back to the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. My family was moving to a town about twenty five minutes away, I was going to a different school again (I went to a different school each year of high school. We moved around a lot, haha.), and I needed a job. So, I applied at the grocery store in the town we were moving to, and I got the job! I had an "interview" that I filled all my paperwork out in and, embarrassingly, I was late. I couldn't find the office I needed to be at. The universe had something in store for me that day, though. While I was late, the new employee who came in after me was early.

The first time I ever saw my husband he was wearing jean shorts, an old shirt, a dirty hat,


sunglasses, and he was standing in the doorway of the Bashas office. And I literally forgot. to. breathe. Looking back now, it occurs to me that I was staring. How lucky am I that he decided to keep me around?! Haha.

The rest of my meeting involved me filling out paperwork while I talked with him. In later years, the manager of the store would tell my grandma that I was pretty smitten from the first moment, haha. I feel kinda embarrassed about it now. But hey, it all worked out!

Jake and I started working at the same time as the new courtesy clerks, along with a few other people. He was around for a few weeks before he took off on a month long vacation to Australia, Fiji, and New Zeland. I thought about him every now and then, just wondering if he was having any fun (of course he was). When he came back in July, he was still cute, haha!

I had to work the Fourth of July, which is one of the craziest days in the grocery business, if you didn't know. The store was packed all day. Jake showed up to buy a single can of peanut butter LOL Later that night, he came in with his friend and asked me on a date for that night.


My friend Britney and I did a spaz dance behind the counter of the service desk. Somewhere, there is video of me freaking out because a guy I really liked asked me out.

So, I got off work, went home and told my mom that I wouldn't be going to the fireworks with them because I had a date, and very exciedly got fixed up. Then, the phone call came. Our double (we weren't allowed to go on dates by ourselves then) couldn't find a date.

I called every single girl I knew LOLOLOLOLOLOL Finally, one of them called me back and agreed to go on a blind date with Jake's best friend. We went and saw Wall-e (which we were twenty minutes late for after the whole search for another girl) and had pizza in the car.


Jake and I dated for a little more than two years after that. We were cover models on my mom's books. We did the long distance thing while I went away to a semester of college. And in 2010, we were married! Today, we celebrate our 4 1/2 year anniversary. We have two beautiful kids-a three year old daughter and an eight month old son-and recently adopted a very eergetic Husky puppy. Our life is WONDERFUL and I LOVE every second of it.

So, to make a long story kinda short, I married the only man who ever took my breath away. And it was worth it 100%.

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