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10 perfect gifts for the book lover in your life

The holiday season is upon us! If you're looking for a gift for the book lover in your life (that isn't books), look no further. I've gathered ten of the best gifts on Etsy to make your job easier! This list is just a sampling of the kind of gifts you can get your bookish person. Pretty much everything I've listed comes in different colors, sizes, word options, designs--you name it, you can probably find it on Etsy.

Why Etsy? Everyone there is a small business like myself and deserves support. The best way to support someone working for themselves is to buy their product ♥ Plus, handmade has that extra touch that makes a gift special!


Just One More Chapter Shirt by Nunu Tee Design

Available in different colors, this shirt is the perfect cozy addition to any bookworm's closet.


Custom Library Stamp by Stamp By Me Studio

What book lover wouldn't love a custom stamp to claim their tomes with? This product is available in different shape/size options as well!


Book Candle- New Book Pages by ChiCandle

Give your book lover their favorite smell--books!


Personalized Book Tote by Frumpy Acres

Let your bookworm display their love for everyone to see--and give them something to carry their books in.


Book Dragon Mug by Mirkwood Scribes

Every book lover I've ever met loved a good mug ♥ I have quite the collection myself!


Padded canvas book sleeve by Lukiedukie

Help protect what your book reader loves most with a book sleeve. This keeps paperback books/tablets safe inside purses and totes.


Illustrated Tassel Bookmark by Maria Rikteryte Shop

Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks: the perfect addition to any bookworm's collection of reading material.


Book Wall Art by Fox and Wild

Get your book lover some artwork to decorate their home with!


Book Lover Magnet Sets by Lisa Pink Buttons

Help your bookworm show of their love of reading!


Christmas Book and Tea Lover Box by The Sunshine Lab

If you can't decide on one thing in particular, grab your bookworm a gift box geared toward their greatest love--books ♥

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