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Mark Bell thought he would escape all his troubles if he went home.

He was wrong.

Upon returning to his own time, Mark is thrown into another Templar Knight mess. Unwillingly forced by different factions, and with a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to Knights, he agrees to help his old friends search for Pandora’s Box. When push comes to shove, though, he discovers a horrible truth that will shatter everything he believes.

In the past, Tristan O’Rourke is struggling with the voices of the gods inside his head. They ask him to do unspeakable things, urging him to let them take over and give him ultimate power. With his family at risk, he is determined to find the strength to remain himself despite the changes inside him.

Samantha, worried about her husband, is doing all she can to make life seem normal for Tristan. As the pressure on her grows though, she wonders if she is truly up to the task. With a new position among The Order of the Knights Templar, she struggles to keep the composure she’s strived to maintain in the face of adversity.

Danger is lurking around every corner--will their opportunity for success go up in flames or will they will stand victorious at the end of it all?

The Swept Away Saga #6

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