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Hell Hall

A Halloween Novella

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Bridge wants nothing more than to not be an undead zombie still stuck going to high school, but being murdered kind of destroyed that dream. Even worse, the one person who could have helped her pass over wasn't around to see who did the deed. If she can't figure out who killed her, she's in more danger than she realizes. After all, death can come for a person more than once, and the second time around is never good.

Ghost Tommy never thought he'd have a chance at love until he was assigned to watch over Bridge while she was alive. Now that her new zombie life is his fault, he swears he'll make it up to her by finding her killer. Business with a rogue werewolf keeps getting in the way, though, and his feelings for Bridge aren't going away. If he can't figure out what happened to her, she could disappear for good, breaking his heart all over again.

Hell Hall is a young adult, paranormal romance novella filled with magic, monsters, and mayhem. Set your sights to Spooky and start reading today!

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Kamery   Solomon

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