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in Time Travel Romance

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A woman from the present . . .
A man from the past . . . 
A war to defy all odds. 

Olivia Blake loves her job. Restoring art and discovering the history behind it is a regular--and well loved--part of her simple life. So, when her boss presents her with a damaged portrait of a British soldier from the American Revolution, she jumps at the chance to work on it. 

When her journey to discover who the man was is cut short by a bad car accident, Olivia surfaces in the icy waters of the Delaware River, staring at George Washington as he crosses with his army. Panicked, she flees into the woods and right into the arms of a very surprised British soldier--the man from the painting. 


August Bancroft has no idea that the woman he saved from the American Rebels is from the future, or that the man who traveled through time with her is not their friend. All he knows is that he feels compelled to protect her, even if it means sacrificing his honor in the end. 

Torn by the political leanings of the time and his own personal beliefs, August struggles to find what freedom means for him. Threats lurk close by, though, and there is no time to argue when danger reveals itself.

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Abandoning Anarchy (Lost In Time Duet #2)

is now available!


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