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The Lost in Time Duet #2

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A woman plagued by fear. . .
A man wiped from the past . . .
A war distorted by time. 

By all accounts, August Bancroft is dead. He has disappeared from the life he once knew, flung through time to a future he has no hope of fully understanding. All traces of who he was have vanished, save a portrait painted by the woman he loves—his Olivia. Forced to take on a new persona and adapt, he finds himself lost in a world of strange and dangerous individuals, some of which would see him remain in the grave forever. 

Olivia Blake has a problem on her hands. Somewhere during her time traveling, the past has been changed, erasing the man she loves from existence. Even worse, her enemy, Gabriel Scott, is suddenly at the forefront of American history, the tales of his bravery and sacrifice thrilling even the youngest of school children. Desperate to right whatever’s gone wrong, she relies on the help of the one person she most ardently wishes to evade—Gabriel Scott’s sister, Charlotte. 

With August by her side and a new world of realizations and possibilities blooming before her, Olivia must decide: does she stay in her own time and let history remain ruined, or does she return to the past and risk losing everything she’s come to love?

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Finding Freedom (Lost In Time Duet #1)

is also available!

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Kamery   Solomon

Epic Adventures for Romantic Hearts

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